Our Service is Evolving

The world looks different now, and we are faced with many challenges for our industry, our company, and our employees. As a company, we are ready to move toward positive change. Our first step focuses on server compensation and professionalism, beginning with an innovative service model that treats our service team as well as we treat our guests.

Evolutions are not perfect on day one, and a transition is a work in progress.

The traditional tipping model creates an unpredictable income for our serving professionals. Consistent compensation leads to a stronger, happier team, and ultimately, a happier experience for our guests. Moving forward, all guest checks include a 20% service charge to compensate the service team for their professionalism.

Servers are compensated with 16% plus an additional base pay for the service they provide. In the past, servers paid the support staff a set percentage for their assistance in service. The new model is similar in that the remaining 4% covers the additional costs of providing service. Guests wishing to provide additional gratuity to recognize exceptional service can do so to further compensate their service professional. 100% of any additional gratuity goes directly to the service professional.

Quality service is always our goal, but we want to define professional as the new standard, and we believe the shift to a service charge model ensures we will get closer and closer every day. It begins with keeping and recruiting the best and the brightest! A service charge provides the opportunity for career-minded service professionals to obtain and retain sustainable employment with attractive compensation. There is much to be proud of in our industry, and now is the time for a change.

THANK YOU for being a part of the transition to a sustainable and equitable work environment for all service industry professionals.